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Compressor IQ is the result of real world experience combined with forward-thinking development that provides you with a truly flexible automation toolset.

Intelligent Reporting,
Analytics & Alerts

The CIQ controller alarm handling facilities make it ideal for multi-site and monitoring applications. Fully customizable reports and alarm routing can be easily programmed providing flexibility, while accessible via a web browser providing ease of use.

CompressorIQ’s powerful alarm handling facilities can be re-directed to E-mail, Smart Phones, or any computer with a web browser… [read more]

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Smart Feature-Rich

The CIQ automation controller was designed using an open system architecture. The multi-driver architecture allows the CIQ controller to communicate with a vast array of other existing controllers.

The CIQ automation controller utilizes Microsoft SQL server back end with IIS web based front end, a standard architecture allowing minimal training for Microsoft trained IT support staff. The CIQ control system supports C#, Java, and ASP.NET, which provides the ultimate in flexibility… [read more]

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Intuitive integration

The CIQ automation controller allows for simple modular scalability. As your operation grows so does your compressed air needs. The CIQ modular design allows the operator to simply insert the new module into place, run the new sensors, then back at the browser to the point and click GUI for simple programming… [read more]

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Continuous cost

Building automation technology has become as synonymous with energy savings as it has with convenience. It is no secret that the costs of energy is on the rise, a concern most businesses undoubtedly consider a core cost. Incorporating automation will not only save up to 30% in energy costs (boasting an impressive industry standard of 12… [read more]

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